Cracknell Feature in Landscape Magazine June Edition

Cracknell have responded to the challenge of the changing world economic situation.

SmartCity Feature, The Malta Independent Online

When it opens, it will be bringing together Malta's colours, textures and stone on the Ricasoli shoreline.

An exceptional location offering a unique lagoon landscape is slowly but surely crystallising on the Ricasoli shoreline. Where once there was rock and dust in the SmartCity Malta complex, the creation of an enormous man-made lagoon will soon be completed, together with an entertainment ar...

SmartCity feature, di-ve magazine

An interesting location with a unique lagoon landscape is slowly but surely crystallising the Ricasoli shoreline. Where rock and dust once stood within the SmartCity Malta complex, an enormous man-...

SmartCity Feature, Malta Economic Update Magazine

Whether it's night time entertainment with bars and restaurants or daytime relaxation with family and friendsSmartCity Malta offers it all and envisions becoming one of Malta's hottest spots for the forthcoming year. Dana Bonello speaks to Robert Shakespeare, Project Director at Cracknell.

SmartCity Malta's pulse is gathering momentum as construction activities for its lagoon district are swif...