project details

Project Name: La Mer

Client: Meraas Holding

Location: Dubai


Custom elements and strong thematic design present a rugged, beachside development with the feel of a coastal village

Dubai’s latest world-class beachfront development La Mer combines the tranquil atmosphere of a charming coastal village with the sense of anticipation and excitement of sunken treasure. Three distinct areas are perfect for recreation and relaxation, offering extensive F&B options, an idyllic public beach, fitness areas, and a promenade that is ideal for a run or casual stroll.

Cracknell’s design draws inspiration from the coastal towns around the world. Using driftwood, recycled and tailored materials to evoke another time. Custom finishes were achieved through a variety of distressing techniques - acid-damage, salt-damage, sand-blasting, and bleaching to offer a timeworn appearance.

A treasure trove of accessories linked to the shipwreck theme presents an unfolding number of surprises for youngsters to discover, see, and touch.

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