project details

Project Name: Smart City


Location: Malta


The overall planning of SmartCity takes advantage of the Mediterranean sea as a backdrop and brings together the colours, textures and materials of Malta providing residents and visitors an experience of outdoor living in a contemporary setting that is reflective of its character.

The site topography has also been manipulated to give a uniqueness to the destination and accentuate the views across the lagoon to the sea and beyond, through large scale terracing.

The area has been designed to include a lush garden landscape with distinctive features. Foremost amongst these are the Grand Steps which are designed to cleverly bring together the romance of Rome's Spanish Steps and the character of Valletta's historic stairways, allowing ample space for large-scale events or simply to lounge around and enjoy the magnificent vista.

The circular lagoon contrasts with the natural coastline, fitting into the landscape like a bay encircled by a 300 metre promenade, lined with palms and trees which enhance its Mediterranean ambience. The lagoon incorporates spectacular fountain displays for shows and celebrations. Floating platforms extend over the water and between jets for a more personal experience of the show.

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