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Landscape Architect - Shenzhen, China

location Shenzhen - China

experience 4

We are looking to hire experienced and knowledgeable Landscape Architect. This is a design-focus role, so the ideal candidate will have a portfolio that demonstrates design flair. The Landscape Architect will be responsible to carry out the design and production work for urban, civil, commercial, residential, recreational, hospitality and master plan projects. The candidate will work as part of a multi-disciplinary project team coordinating the internal design process, and documentation work. 我们希望聘请具备相关专业经验和技术知识的景观建筑师。该职位将以设计工作为核心,所以职位申请者需要提供最新的作品集以展示其全面的设计能力。 景观建筑师将负责参与城市、市政、商业、住宅、休闲、度假及规划等不同类型的项目设计和成果制作。申请人被录用后,将作为一名跨专业设计团队的成员,根据内部工作流程参与设计与成果文件编制。

Key Responsibilities:


  •  Work closely with senior designers to develop the design from concept, schematic, and detail design development for the allocated project(s).
  • 紧密配合资深景观设计师,从方案、扩初至施工图等阶段全程参与指定项目的设计工作。
  • Develop the design and presentation material by sketching, 2D CAD drafting and 3D SKP modelling to Cracknell expected standards and in line with our clients’ requirements and satisfaction
  • 通过绘制草图、二维CAD平面推演,三维SU建模以达到Cracknell的公司内部设计标准,满足客户要求并获得认可,参与项目设计和汇报成果的编制工作。
  • Coordinate with the graphics artist (in-house or external) the production of CGI presentation materials for the allocated project(s).
  • 对接效果图设计师(内部或外包团队),结合指定项目要求,协调效果图的制作表达。
  • Have a good understanding to effectively develop the project details and work closely with LDI (or BIM and CAD team) for detailed design works and the technical drawings.
  • 对项目的设计深度与细节有充分的理解和认知,能够协调本地深化设计团队(或者BIM和CAD团队)并与其密切配合,以便推进扩初与施工图等设计工作和技术成果编制。
  • Coordinate the internal design process and documentation by interacting with other external or internal disciplines, e.g., Architects, Graphic Artists, Designers, Engineers, Lighting designers and Horticulturists, etc.
  • 通过与内部或外部相关专业顾问团队对接(如建筑师、效果图艺术家、设计师、工程师、照明设计师和绿化园艺师等),协调团队内部的设计工作流程和成果文件的编制。

Key Technical Competencies:


  • Apply professional knowledge and experience to design landscape projects of varying level of complexity.
  • 运用专业知识和经验积累,设计不同复杂程度的景观项目。
  • Use professional knowledge combined with artistic and creative abilities to create functional, sustainable and manageable landscapes.
  • 综合专业知识、艺术表达和设计创作能力,创造功能完善、可持续和易管理维护的景观。
  • Develop technical communication including technical drawings and documentation, specifications, reports, proposals, contracts and tender documents.
  • 不断提升技术沟通与表达能力,包括熟悉技术图纸和相关文件、设计说明及报告、项目建议书、工程合同和招标文件等。
  • Good free-hand sketching skill and a high proficiency in software skills including use of AutoCAD, 3D modelling (SKP mandatory and Rhino optional), Lumion, Photoshop, Illustrator and In-design.
  • 良好的手绘草图能力, 精通相关设计软件,包括AutoCAD、三维建模(SU草图大师必须熟练掌握 & Rhino为备选项)、Lumion、Adobe绘图软件集合 (Photoshop, Illustrator and In-design);
  • Experience in using BIM related technologies (such as REVIT) in Landscape Architecture would be a significant advantage.
  • 具备在景观建筑设计中使用BIM相关技术经验(如REVIT)的申请者将更具竞争优势。

Position Requirements:


  •  University Degree – Bachelors - in landscape architecture or architecture
  • 园林景观或建筑学专业-大学本科或以上学历
  • Associate Membership of LI, UK or equivalent mid-level qualification (Optional)
  • 英国景观协会中级会员资格或同等标准的中级职业资格认证(可选项)
  • Min. of 4 years work experience on sizeable design projects
  • 拥有至少4年参与一定规模项目设计的工作经验
  • Excellent with Chinese (Mandarin) and Good English, verbal and written skills
  • 优秀的中文(普通话)水平和良好的英语口语及书面表达能力

Qualifying candidates may please apply to with an up-to-date resume and portfolio in both Chinese and English. Those shortlisted will be contacted.


All applications should be submitted to or via the form below:

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