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Our team of highly-qualified and experienced irrigation engineers use the latest technology to design water-efficient irrigation systems. Each project begins with a careful analysis of the local climate conditions and the relationship between plants, soil, and water.

Sustainable and intelligent designs are developed, which preserve the landscape and minimise water use. This is especially important in climates with high temperatures and limited water availability. 

Extensive horticultural expertise means we can work in the harshest environments and achieve beautiful planting results, creating lush landscapes even with durable and hardy plant varieties. Designing the landscape around the natural flowering patterns of plants can transform the look of a project as the seasons change. Carefully selected species can provide structural form and colour to open spaces as well as the resilience to deal with extreme temperatures and climate conditions.  

Collaboration between our horticulture and irrigation teams allows us to design landscapes that are optimally designed for water use and irrigation, without compromising on the aesthetics.

Irrigation & Horticulture