Sep 07 2023

    Lessons for a changing climate - sharing knowledge from arid regions

    Mohan Baporikar
    Director - Irrigation

    There is much to learn from arid regions to ensure that natural resources are adequately conserved. Three case studies from Dubai illustrate approaches to irrigation, planting and parks in the Middle East.


    As the climate emergency intensifies, conserving natural resources has become an urgent priority. In terms of public parks, managing our water resources wisely through responsible and efficient irrigation, coupled with improved planting media and selection of place-appropriate and locally available plants, plays a critical role in resilience for long-term sustainable maintenance and reduction of water consumption.

    By utilising responsible water conservation and horticultural strategies, we can effectively maintain the vibrant green spaces parks provide while reducing their impact on water demand and increasing their contribution to local sense of place.


    Colleen D’Souza, Director of Horticulture and Mohan Baporikar, Director of Irrigation explore resilient, efficient and adaptable techniques learned from their extensive work in the Middle East that can be brought to the UK’s 200,000ha of parks and green spaces.


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