Belgrade Plaza, Belgrade, Serbia

    landscape design Belgrade Plaza, Belgrade, Serbia

    This important historic site includes the Little Market Cross, a symbol of victory over the Ottomans, and lies adjacent to the Bristol Hotel. 

    The landscape celebrates the Park’s history with a conceptual journey that references ‘Yesterday’, ‘Today’ and ‘Tomorrow’, creating a design that is sympathetic to its origins but also expresses a vibrant future. 

    Marassi Al Bahrain

    Located on the purpose built Marassi Island in the north of Bahrain, this highly ambitious mixed-use development offers significant ocean-side public realm.

    Festive urban spaces and streetscapes, public parks and a highly activated waterfront and beaches support a large residential community. Separating the Mall from the Sea is a dramatic Promenade. The VIDA and ADDRESS hotels provide elegant hospitality to the area with private beachfront gardens and pools.