International Medical Centre

    This tertiary care hospital adopts the ‘healing by design’ concept whereby natural light and gardens are incorporated into the design promoting a sense of well-being and calm for patients and visitors alike.

    Micromobility is enhanced via the interconnected plan with walkable routes between therapeutic gardens and meditation areas, outdoor learning and reading facilities and enclosed meeting spaces. A series of treed boulevards reaches out into the wider hospital masterplan. 


    Balance in the landscape brings a feeling of stability. Considered form and texture contribute to a mood-lifting softness whilst carefully sited focal planting aids wayfinding. Through immersion in nature, patient stress is reduced, creating a healing and soothing environment. 

    Red Sea Village

    A mixed use community waterfront development taking design inspiration from the ocean fringe.

    Seven neighbourhood districts with varying land uses include mixed-use, commercial, hospitality and residential zones. The public open space includes waterfront plazas and beaches as well as vibrant active streetscapes.


    Landscape design vocabulary draws from the patterns and bursts of sea life colours, coral textures and the refraction of light on the sea bed.