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Who we are Scroll

We are on a mission to create a positive difference through inspired landscape design

Our Story

Our designs put people and the environment first. Our global team of more than 240 visionaries, landscape architects, designers and engineers are driven by the desire to achieve excellence and to create a positive difference in people’s lives

Cracknell started operations in London in 1987, and has subsequently developed into one of the most recognised landscape architecture, planning, and urban design practices in the world. Our distinguished portfolio includes many iconic projects in the Middle East as well as landmark developments in Europe and Africa. 

Through close collaboration with clients, we have earned a reputation for unique yet practical design solutions, underpinned by our commitment to the highest quality. Distinctiveness, responsiveness and sustainability combined with uncompromising professionalism make us the preferred choice for high-profile projects.  

We believe landscape architecture is about creating community and culture as much as it’s about creating spaces. Our designs centre people in their environment, improving the lives and wellbeing of the communities we shape. Everything that we do is intended to improve the lives of the people who will use the spaces we design, even when details that we labour over often go unnoticed. 

We build landmarks and talking-points, we support iconic developments, and we even create spaces that transform the character of communities and cities.

Our Design Process

Our creative workforce, driven by excellence in design and commercial success, brings together our landscape architects, designers, engineers, and horticulturalists in service of a single vision

Landscape design is not just an art form, it's a process that identifies all the factors relevant to a space and to the people that will use it. It then transforms a creative vision into an environment which not only meets functional requirements but allows people to delight in it.

Our design process starts with the client's vision and ensures to hold the needs of people front and centre. The initial concept stage brings together some of the brightest and most creative minds to translate the client’s requirements into a vision to be executed. Our specialist expertise allows us to push the boundaries of the brief, explore new ways to innovate and find a fresh viewpoint on elements including shapes and materials. 

From schematic through to final design, strong technical skills within the team keep designs workable, feasible, and within budget, no matter how imaginative or transformative. The design moves from concept to tender stage to IFC within the client's timescale. Each aspect of the design is refined as it progresses through the programme. Regular design reviews throughout the process ensure that the design stays on track and true to its aims.  Throughout the design journey, we treat our clients as partners guiding them through the process, with our specialist knowledge in urban and landscape design, natural sciences, ecology, environment and planning. This outlook allows us to achieve leadership in design and project management, whilst integrating our client’s aspirations and commercial needs into the projects we create.

Working With Us

Collaboration is woven into every part of our design journey, from working closely with the client to achieve their ambitions to seamless interactions between in-house disciplines

We are masters at the art of listening. Fully identifying our client’s objectives, challenges, and concerns is the first step of every new project. This comes from strong, collaborative working relationships with our clients and their development teams, consultants and contractors. Whether creating a never-before-seen environment, extending and expanding a theme, or recreating a signature look, we maintain the same focus on collaboration. We are a family business, and we seek to make our clients and partners feel part of the family. 

Our established presence means we have experience navigating a wide variety of design and project challenges, whilst ensuring that the project stays true to its vision. Whether as the lead, or in partnership with others, our commitment to carrying out the creative vision remains paramount. Our service delivery is marked by design vision, exceptional technical capability and project management capabilities that ensure projects progress smoothly from concept to completion. 

A keen understanding of infrastructure networks, building massing, social patterns, commercial matters, development regulations and open space is what sets us apart. Working at many scales, we can coordinate or extend the design of individual buildings, the public spaces they occupy and the communities of which they are a part.

Our People

The world-class designers, engineers, planners and staff that form our team are united 

by one thing - vision. They share a creative passion and professionalism that is unmatched

Our unique mix of skills and infectious energy are what help us create award-winning spaces. Passion, expertise, experience, and strong creative and technical skills unite a global team of more than 240 people and 26 nationalities. The collaborative style we’re known for emanates from us actively engaging the client from the C-suite to the front lines by emphasising teamwork, trust and tolerance for diverse opinions. Cracknell are committed to sustaining a culture of inclusion and diversity. We value different ideas and experiences. Talent, dedication and professionalism lie at the foundation of who we are, what we believe and how we do business. We take pride in exceeding client expectations by delivering quality results and services, and in the ethical way in which we do it. This commitment to quality and integrity is reflected in our partnerships with like-minded organisations, fostering long-term relationships that deliver world-class results.

Our leadership team