Mar 31 2015

    Behind the Scenes with Cracknell's Design Support Team

    With a wealth of experience, Cracknell’s design support team plays an integral role in the design process. The x-factor in our designs is added by this team, who refine and enhance the concept and creative ideas.

    “Our client will have a vision about what they want the development to achieve and, working with the design support team, we develop the best concept to bring this vision to life” says Daniel Thomson, who heads up one of the project teams. “We draw upon influences that relate to the project’s context” adds Louie DeGuzman design support team leader “taking into account social, cultural and functional factors as well as site and environmental conditions”.

    As an international design practice, the sources of these influences are broad – the backgrounds, cultures and extensive project experience of our designers working in various markets around the world where Cracknell operates, all influence the creative thinking in developing unique and innovative design solutions. “When the design teams meet in groups, there’s always a lot of energy, lively exchange of ideas and inspiration and from here the creative idea emerges.” says Louie.

    But it’s very much a consultative process with our clients. Typically, once the initial concept is presented it evolves as the client provides further context about their vision, until the concept is fully developed and ready to progress to next stage of the design process; the schematic design.