Mar 20 2024

    Cracknell continues to support the Foundation for African Empowerment in Tanzania​

    Philip Elliott
    Group Finance & Operations Director

    As part of an ongoing long-standing relationship, Cracknell supported The Foundation for African Empowerment in Tanzania in 2023 by sponsoring 20 children and their families to ensure that basic necessities such as school uniforms and supplies, casual clothes, healthcare, toys and food were made available to them. This year we have increased our support to cover 30 children.​

    We are pleased to have been able to help John, Jovin Kivuyo, Brightness, Wisdom, Hopeness, Janeth, Angel, Ivan, Goodluck, Godfrey, Bilal, Luisa, Jovin Onesmo, Anita, Noel, Abgael, Irene, Salome, Epimack, Rahma, Jenipher, Francis, Agata, Elinuru, Vanessa, Prisca, Janeth Laizer, Jivitson, Samwel, Anjela and many others and their families to give them better opportunities, resources and an improved quality of life.​

    In addition to helping children in vulnerable situations with everyday necessities, the FAE is currently working on the creation of a purpose-built Inclusive Early Childlhood Development (IECD) Centre and a playground with sports facilities in the rural Maroroni Ward 25m outside Kilimanjaro Airport.​

    During 2024 Cracknell will be providing opportunities for the team to meaningfully engage with FAE’s work through activities such as writing letters directly to the children and providing expertise and knowledge to assist with landscape design, water management, irrigation and maintenance challenges that they face.​

    Through this work, we look forward to improving their lives.​

    See this link if you wish to read more about the Foundation and how you can support them: