Integrated Services

    Post Contract Management

    We oversee continuity of the design and sustainability vision.

    Our attention to detail doesn’t stop when we finish the drawings; our on-site teams assure quality of build, innovative problem-solving, adherence to budget, schedule, environmental best practice, safety standards and design intent, and commitment to performance and end user satisfaction.


    Managing landscape construction efficiently, our extensive experience with complex projects means we can navigate most challenges whilst maintaining sustainability goals, budget & schedule. Supported by Cracknell’s specialist teams, we ensure site modifications stay true to the design vision. Led by a project manager or resident engineer we oversee construction & contract management whilst closely maintaining stakeholder coordination.

    Services include:

    • Construction Management
    • On-Site Challenge Mitigation
    • QA/Continuity of Design Vision
    • Budget & Schedule Control
    • Stakeholder Coordination
    • Statutory Policy Adherence
    • Maintenance Plans/Advice