Shobhana Parameswaran

    Shobhana is a Senior Landscape Architect at Cracknell with more than 8 years’ experience as an Architect with a background in Landscape Urbanism. At Cracknell, she has played a crucial role in leading diverse landscape and urban design projects. Her technical expertise and adaptability with various design software makes her a key member of the London team. Her proficiency in both BIM and 3D modelling environments has enabled her to deliver transformative and resilient designs across the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.
    With a passion for creating inclusive spaces, Shobhana ensures that every project she undertakes looks to foster a sense of community and accessibility. Her eye for detail and strong commitment to sustainability means that Shobhana continuously strives to shape environments that positively impact people’s lives, bringing her innovative ideas to life.

    Estela Asensio

    Estela is an architect and industrial designer with over 7 years’ experience in landscape and urban design. As a project leader she has delivered multiple projects at all design stages throughout Europe and the Middle East with a particular focus on developments in the Red Sea. She brings critical thinking and pragmatism to the team, with a personal approach that balances the global and the regional. Whilst working with the atmosphere and sense of place of each project, her attention focuses on the design details that will resonate the emotions of the user.

    Estela is passionate about design that values historic continuity and projects that are rooted in their context. She believes that landscape is a holistic discipline that will help all communities with their future challenges.

    Jed Cracknell

    As an Associate Architect Designer at Cracknell Jed has worked on the design, production & BIM development of projects throughout Europe and the Middle East. His experience in both the disciplines of Architecture and Landscape promotes a holistic design approach where a strong collaboration between the disciplines is encouraged to ensure the best is achieved out of a project. Jed plays a key role in establishing quality and adherence to industry standards whilst managing design projects in BIM.

    Justine Dowsing

    Justine has 22 years’ experience in Landscape Architecture across the UK, Europe, MENA and India as a practicing landscape architect, bid coordinator, marketing specialist and graphic designer. She leads Cracknell’s marketing activities as well as contributing to business development, graphic communication and proposal writing. Maintaining and strengthening the practice’s links with the Landscape Institute she looks to build on Cracknell’s UK landscape design roots.

    Having a keen interest in cultural heritage, native ecology and the value of beauty in the public realm, Justine has a wealth of experience in designing for sensitive landscapes, contributing to UNESCO Nomination Dossiers and creating visual communication material for global World Heritage Sites. She actively engages in proliferating Cracknell’s knowledge gained from maintaining liveble landscapes in inhospitable climes to Europe, as the profession acts on its responsibility to reduce and mitigate the effects of climate change.

    Lustica Bay Centrale

    Reached via a series of atmospheric streets, Centrale is an open and flexible active community plaza surrounded by residential apartments and lively cafe spill out.


    Maintaining the existing mature trees was key to the sustainability and authenticity of the design. Nestled on the picturesque Lustica Peninsula on the Adriatic Coast, Centrale is a mixed-use community development centred around a Plaza and expanding the original rural settlement of Radovici. The experience of the site’s heritage through architecture and celebration of the breathtaking location is key to the scheme’s success.

    Approached though narrow winding streets and avenues, the Plaza evokes a contrasting feeling of open expansiveness. Pattern, colour and composition of the materials are elegant and timeless and of the highest quality. The space can be activated and cooled with a mirror pool and jets whilst the simplicity of the design allows for immersive, interactive interventions. Market stalls, an inflatable cinema screen, street entertainment and cafe spill out or a combination of activities entertain and bring joy to the space.


    Flexibility and access-for-all were core considerations. The varying site levels were dealt with using a series of ramps and stramps that imperceptibly ‘soak up’ the changes in level, allowing the space to read as one. Maintaining all the existing mature trees was key and presented a design challenge. In some cases a raised platform is used that allows the original soil level to be maintained around the tree. Furniture and lighting design are sensitive to the mountain village context. Shade structures are elegant interpretations of traditional designs and the warm lighting is relaxed and subdued giving a simple, cosy and embracing ambiance.

    Hudson’s Place

    landscape design Hudson’s Place, London, United Kingdom

    Reactivating this forgotten open space adjacent to Victoria Station and a new mixed-use tower, a successful and vibrant covered square was designed that enhanced the character and layered heritage.


    Set in the midst of the busy Victoria BID and Station area in Westminster this space had become a back alley for parking. The building of the new tower created an opportunity to revive the area and make a vibrant spot to wait for a train with café spill-out, street entertainment and under arch boutique retail. The brief looked to fulfil the principles of the BID by improving the pedestrian environment, character and culture with a lively events program and inclusive opportunities for play.

    Taking inspiration from the restless station platform activity of yesteryear and the historic focal points used to guide visitors on their journey, the street was designed as a series of flowing, engaging moments and experiences varying from conservatory, arcade, garden and lounge to stage. A raised pub-bar was added to create a viewing platform and eye-catching focal point for the space without compromising the visibility to the streets beyond.


    Drawing from the flowing lines of train tracks used as a design theme in the new architecture, lines were brought into the landscape to both subdivide and link spaces together. Planting was introduced to create an attractive setting for the retail and give privacy to the café tables and bar, whilst allowing pedestrians to walk through with ease.


    Bespoke seating with a design nod to heritage railway carriages and use of industrial robust materials completed the feel of this rejuvenated London street. 

    Florante Casal

    Florante ‘Jay’ Casal, Jr. is an accomplished registered Architect with over 17 years’ experience in landscape design and project management in Asia, Australia, and Papua New Guinea.

    He is a member of the United Architects of the Philippines and is committed to building professional and high-quality design solutions that satisfy the needs of the clients. His passion is for creating well-planned spaces that inspire, uplift and connect people with nature.

    Kunaal Parmar

    Kunaal has over 15 years’ design experience working in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. As a Senior Associate in London, he has helped mentor and develop the growing team and leads the delivery of a range of large-scale retail, luxury and mixed-use developments as well as private residences for high-net-worth individuals. Kunaal’s passion and expertise focuses on the quality of user experience.

    His knowledge of luxury hospitality development helps him to orchestrate and choreograph human and landscape interaction to create welcoming environments.

    One Green Way Residential Community

    Carefully selected landscape materials & Mediterranean planting create a sustainable & resilient environment whilst providing a unique sense of community living.

    Green shadeways, lush pools and gathering spaces all echo a palette that reflects the local vernacular in a modern way – ‘traditional Portuguese with a contemporary twist’. Space is given for cohesive community living with walkable links between amenities supporting healthy and active social living.

    East India Dock

    Bringing a dockland to life with modern design and classic style


    In the heart of London, a stones throw from the prestigious Canary Wharf and surrounded by some of the most innovative quarters of London is East India Dock. Cracknell was appointed for all hard and soft landscape design and supervision services for this office development situated within the old East India Dock site.


    The design incorporates a canal-style water feature, which consists of one arm of an L-shaped canal, lined by trees, crossed by humped, metal footbridges, and containing fountains. Post and chain balustrading reflect the Docklands heritage. Framing the canal is an avenue of lime trees which provide shaded seating adjacent to the water’s edge. 


    Cracknell also worked closely with the sculptor, David Jacobsen, who was commissioned to create all the public art for the project.

    © Photography by Helen Jermyn