Madhu Rose

    Madhu is an energetic and passionate Architect & Urban Designer with 15 years’ experience managing a variety of projects from highly complex, large-scale masterplans to neighbourhood parks. An excellent problem solver and multi-tasker she brings sensitivity and creativity to project design with a keen eye for cultural identity and placemaking. Madhu has the essential ability and diversity of skills to always see the bigger picture and skilfully steer the design team’s vision. A talented story-teller and graphical illustrator, she has influenced the way the teams present their work throughout the design stages, expressing a site’s culture, colour, diversity and history.

    Justine Dowsing

    Justine has 22 years’ experience in Landscape Architecture across the UK, Europe, MENA and India as a practicing landscape architect, bid coordinator, marketing specialist and graphic designer. She leads Cracknell’s marketing activities as well as contributing to business development, graphic communication and proposal writing. Maintaining and strengthening the practice’s links with the Landscape Institute she looks to build on Cracknell’s UK landscape design roots.

    Having a keen interest in cultural heritage, native ecology and the value of beauty in the public realm, Justine has a wealth of experience in designing for sensitive landscapes, contributing to UNESCO Nomination Dossiers and creating visual communication material for global World Heritage Sites. She actively engages in proliferating Cracknell’s knowledge gained from maintaining liveble landscapes in inhospitable climes to Europe, as the profession acts on its responsibility to reduce and mitigate the effects of climate change.

    Asha Mallya

    Asha has over 21 years’ experience in HR and Finance. Commencing her professional journey as a qualified accountant, she soon discovered her true passion lies in fostering collaboration among individuals and cultivating a positive working environment. Leveraging her financial expertise and HR management, with exceptional business acumen, she has built the HR function to effectively support Cracknell’s growth.

    Notably, Asha assumes the role of an efficacious team leader, bearing the responsibility of overseeing and managing HR functions with resounding success. Cultivating relationships and trust among her colleagues is important to Asha. Her unwavering belief revolves around creating a supportive working culture that thrives on diversity, inclusivity, collaboration, mutual respect, and recognising the significance of a harmonious work-life balance.

    Jan Ayalin

    Jan’s scope of knowledge spans architecture and interior design, urban master planning, and landscape architecture. He has over 25 years’ experience in the landscape design profession working on hotels and resorts, urban open space, and public and private residential landscapes across Asia and the Middle East.

    As an Associate Landscape Architect at Cracknell he specialises in both conceptual design and design development. Sharing his experience, he guides and sets examples for the younger members of the team, helping them to grow within the profession.

    Trained as an Architect, his core design strength lies in balancing the needs of the client and the end user, to develop marketable, sustainable, and innovative built environments that engage the senses and enhance the sense of place.

    Florante Casal

    Florante ‘Jay’ Casal, Jr. is an accomplished registered Architect with over 17 years’ experience in landscape design and project management in Asia, Australia, and Papua New Guinea.

    He is a member of the United Architects of the Philippines and is committed to building professional and high-quality design solutions that satisfy the needs of the clients. His passion is for creating well-planned spaces that inspire, uplift and connect people with nature.

    Rekha Thomas

    Rekha is an Associate Landscape Architect at Cracknell with over 21 years’ international experience. She is passionate in designing and developing creative solutions, is highly technically adept and has an overarching role in mentoring junior landscape architects. With a background in Architecture and Landscape along with academic mentoring, her competency lies in the ability to lead, develop, manage, and deliver multiple projects in varying complexities ranging from private to public realm projects across Asia, Europe and the MENA Region.

    Rekha strongly believes in the innate potential & the responsibility the profession holds in curating meaningful spaces that benefit both the natural/cultural setting and its end users, leaving remarkable imprints of our existence.

    Bindu Thomas

    Bindu has over 16 years’ experience in landscape architecture and related disciplines. In her role as an Associate Commercial Engineer at Cracknell, she brings strong financial skills combined with good business knowledge and technical understanding of landscape architectural design, engineering, construction and QS disciplines to the bid management team.

    Under the direction of the senior management, Bindu is an effective team leader, coach and guide to the multi- disciplinary commercial team, She takes responsibility for the successful management of contracts as per required standards and meets business-development-led targets for multiple projects of varying levels of complexity, size and value.

    Jinkoo Park

    Jinkoo is a landscape architect with 12 years’ experience working across the UAE, the UK and Asia. As an Associate Landscape Architect at Cracknell, he has a
    coordinating role between the multidisciplinary teams, leading projects to delivery.

    He is well-versed in strategical design approaches and three-dimensional design development with a focus on masterplanning and public realm projects.

    Jinkoo is passionate about design simplicity as well as a sculptural design direction to bring a sensory experience to the end user

    Javier Herrero

    Javier has 12 years’ experience as a design professional in the Middle East and Europe with a special focus on KSA.

    As an Associate at Cracknell, he has a leading role in the design concepts of large and small-scale landscape and urban design projects across Cracknell’s

    He has a particular interest in the tangible and intangible cultural values of every landscape and is a strong proponent of their preservation and reinterpretation as a vital component of a unique sense of place. From concept design onwards, he nurtures the
    development of a cultural narrative that weaves through the landscape design and on to site.

    Harista Wardanu

    Harista has 17 years’ experience as a design professional in the Middle East and Asia. As an Associate Landscape Architect, he brings a dynamic design flair and wealth of creative expertise and leadership to the team.

    He has been involved in the design, project management, and delivery of multiple major private and public realm landscape designs including residential, luxury hospitality, and mixed-use & commercial developments.