Arnel Lemsic

    Arnel is an Architect with over 27 years’ experience on large scale and complex projects, mostly in China. He has a great passion for the fields of Architecture, Landscape and Urban Planning, believing in life-long learning in an environment that is constantly changing. A reliable team leader, Arnel is open-minded and respects the voices of others which contributes greatly to his ability to overcome design challenges with creativity and confidence

    Eleanor Johnson

    Ellie has 12 years’ experience as a design professional in Europe and the Middle East. As a Senior Landscape Architect, she is involved in all stages of design from Concept to Issue for Construction, developing design proposals and coordinating between disciplines to achieve timely project submissions.
    Ellie is passionate about the finer details and strives to achieve well thought out construction detailing with consideration to choices of materials that work with both the landscape context and built architecture. This applies particularly to projects in the cultural heritage sector.
    Working within World Heritage Sites and other sensitive zones, particularly in Saudi Arabia, has allowed her to develop engaging interpretation, restoring and expressing local vernacular to elevate the sense of place. Looking to tell the landscape story through place-making, Ellie helps to protect culturally important sites for the future.

    Estela Asensio

    Estela is an architect and industrial designer with over 7 years’ experience in landscape and urban design. As a project leader she has delivered multiple projects at all design stages throughout Europe and the Middle East with a particular focus on developments in the Red Sea. She brings critical thinking and pragmatism to the team, with a personal approach that balances the global and the regional. Whilst working with the atmosphere and sense of place of each project, her attention focuses on the design details that will resonate the emotions of the user.

    Estela is passionate about design that values historic continuity and projects that are rooted in their context. She believes that landscape is a holistic discipline that will help all communities with their future challenges.

    Bojan Ilijin

    Bojan has over 7 years’ experience in landscape & urban design in the MENA region. A Senior Landscape Architect at Cracknell, he has been involved in some iconic projects. These include the Cultural District in Abu Dhabi to the new leisure & entertainment hub, Aljada in Sharjah, as well as a stunning desert resort in Liwa. Bojan believes that creative landscapes, incorporating architectural shapes & programmatic functions, must stimulate users by inviting them to interact directly with the space. He aims to design cities that make people feel alive & connected to the world & people around them.

    Adrian Guzman

    Adrian is a multi-skilled Senior Landscape Architect with a background in architecture, landscape, and urban design. With 16 years’ experience, he has undertaken numerous innovative, sustainable, and people-centric projects across Africa, Asia, MENA and North America. His designs are characterised by a strong focus on nature and the integration of green spaces to promote harmony between urban developments and the environment. He believes in a holistic approach to design, blending creativity with practicality, and considers environmental sustainability a core principle in every project he undertakes. He firmly believes that a project should not only be visually striking but also centered around the well-being of the people who inhabit the spaces.

    Matthew Gimena

    Matthew Gimena is a Senior Landscape Architect with over 19 years’ experience in design, construction and project management; 17 years have been spent in the field of landscape architecture in the Asia-Pacific region while he also has experience in interior design and is a registered Architect. From small landscape schemes to more complex spaces and larger developments, Matthew is responsible for balancing client needs with his design role by defining the creative, inspirational, and functional parameters by which a landscape design will be successful.

    Yijia Fan

    Yijia has 7 years’ experience as a landscape professional in the United States, Middle East, and China. As a Senior Designer, she works together with Cracknell’s global teams to provide creative inspiration for design presentations. With excellent client liaison and project coordination skills she supports internal training needs, QAQC document control, and project management from inception to completion. Yijia has been involved in projects ranging from urban parks to large post-industrial schemes, which has influenced her to explore diverse and innovative solutions to complex problems in the urban realm.

    Omar Aridi

    Omar is a Senior Landscape Architect with over 8 years’ experience in the design profession in the MENA region and particularly KSA. His expertise centres on delivering designs that strike a balance between realism and innovation. With a proven track record of fostering effective teamwork, he has successfully led numerous projects of significant scale particularly in the field of streetscape design. Driven by an unwavering passion to create spaces that enhance and elevate quality of life for private clients and communities alike, he crafts transformative landscapes that harmoniously connect people with nature’s beauty.

    Theresa Arellano

    Maria Theresa is a Senior Landscape Architect with 18 years’ experience in the design development and project management of landscape architecture projects across the Middle East, People’s Republic of China, Egypt, India and the Philippines. In 8 years of practice in the United Arab Emirates, her experience has ranged across the development of design concepts at schematic design stage up to completion of construction drawings demonstrating her wide-ranging applicable knowledge. Her passion for quality is evident across her work in contemporary open spaces, urban waterfronts, hotels, streetscapes and mixed-use commercial and high-end residential projects.

    Laurent Achkar

    Laurent is a creative, ambitious and dynamic Senior Landscape Architect with 8 years’ experience in a vast range of projects mainly throughout the MENA region. With a strong eye for detail, he enjoys working within teams to collaborate with world-renowned architects to ensure full integration between the buildings and landscape scope. With a positive outlook, Laurent is a passionate proponent of landscape design that takes account of environmental issues. Keeping abreast of latest global research, developments and best practice he helps to steer sustainability initiatives within the firm.