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Spaces are living things, changing and adapting to the seasons, activity and especially the people within them. At Cracknell, we design landscapes that are both practical and adaptive, centrepieces and backdrops.

Landscape architecture has the power to transform communities, cities, and nations. Whether shaping the outdoors to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, extending nearby building architecture to create a cohesive unified theme, or designing a public space that serves as a focal point for a community or nation; Cracknell put people first.

Each design process begins with in-depth studies of the environmental, ecological and social conditions to understand the setting and climate. This ensures that our designs are not just creative, but highly functional and sustainable for the long term.

Our design expertise enables us to be flexible in our creativity while conforming to a proven approach. Some of our most noteworthy designs borrow from the architectural masterpieces of nearby buildings or architectural themes of the city or region, while others are fresh themes that create stunning new additions to a city.

Our design solutions include:

  • Landscape design
  • Hardscape design
  • Water feature design
  • Lighting and post contract Site supervision
  • Landscape structure design
  • Plant selection
  • Material selection
  • Artwork and sculpture selection
Landscape Architecture