Robert Shakespeare

    Robert has 32 years’ experience as a design professional in the Middle East and Asia. As a Group Design Director, he has a leading role in inspiring and guiding Cracknell’s design strategies and overseeing the design and management of large scale landscape, urban design and masterplanning projects across Cracknell’s global portfolio.

    Robert is passionate about the creation of site responsive public and private realm landscapes, and sees the role of Landscape Architects as the key to shaping modern cities, and creating high quality integrated sustainable urban spaces that improve the liveability of our built environment.

    David Cracknell

    David has worked with Cracknell since 2002 and as the Group Managing Director, he focuses on business development, promoting and strengthening the company’s core values and implementing improvements in the way Cracknell operates and delivers its services.

    Prior to joining the company, David had significant experience in engineering design and product development, project management and management consulting in the field of process improvement and achieving sustainable change.

    Philip Elliott

    Phil has a proven track record in developing robust strategies to underpin the successful growth and development of the company worldwide. Combining excellent business acumen, with a ‘hands-on’ approach, extensive experience in all aspects of general management, financial and operational analytics, and a passion for excellence and desire for quality, Phil leads the business growth and financial health of Cracknell’s global studios.

    Skillfully steering the company through the financial crisis during 2008-2012 and the COVID pandemic, Phil continues to drive and expand Cracknell’s operations globally.

    Rajan Dewan

    Rajan brings a wealth of experience and technical knowledge to the Group. His over 40 years of experience in water management and landscape construction has been instrumental in delivering numerous iconic projects across the Cracknell portfolio.

    His management skills and professionalism enable him to lead a large, multi-disciplinary team of engineers, architects, and contract administrators.
    His valuable input in design and construction detailing has been instrumental in achieving the company’s quality and sustainability objectives to create sustainable communities by conserving natural resources and investing in clean energy.

    Rajan is passionate about integrating sustainable solutions into landscape design to conserve natural resources, promote public health, and protect the environment. This includes using responsible irrigation practices, investing in clean energy, green infrastructure design, promoting community engagement, and advocating sustainable land use.

    Fady Khalife

    Fady is Group Design Director & Managing Director for Europe and has 29 years’ international experience. With architectural and strategic urban planning expertise he brings a holistic approach to landscape design whilst never losing sight of the importance of detail. Fady has
    a key overarching role leading the design vision for major projects within Cracknell’s studios worldwide, and lends a personal bespoke service to the design of signature landscapes whether for private residences or boutique hospitality. His guidance of team ingenuity and passion for storied design plays a vital part in the creation of high quality, site-sensitive landscape architecture that makes the experience memorable.



    Paul Cracknell

    Recognising the capacity of good landscape design to improve the health and wellbeing of those from all backgrounds, Paul established Cracknell in London in 1987. Alongside successful community projects across London, Paul’s overseas work led him to open the second office in Dubai just as the Emirate was about to enter its first major expansion period. Cracknell’s far-reaching landscape work was a key part in the endeavour contributing to the region’s rapid growth.

    Now with six studios worldwide and 30 years’ international experience, Paul is a proactive Chairman, contributing intuitive design ability and an energetic raison d’être to the company mission.