City Walk

    landscape design City Walk, Dubai, UAE

    An exuberant ‘Luxury Courtyard’ creates an awe inspiring draw at the centre of City Walk.

    Coming alive at night with immersive audio-visual shows it is a family-friendly hub in which to gather, and view the shopping, dining and entertainment on offer. Scintillating colours and lights flood the senses creating a unique retail experience that leaves visitors wanting more.

    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell

    City Walk

    A European-styled public realm integrating colour and play. Since its expansion City Walk has become one of Dubai’s most beloved shopping and dining destinations. Working closely with Benoy and AECOM, the public spaces of City Walk were designed by Cracknell as a human-scaled urban environment, offering classic and contemporary outdoor lifestyle experiences.

    City Walk’s hardscape design uses a modern international style and explores the drama and colour of the development’s outdoor connectivity, lightshows and media screens. Open plazas and European-styled boulevards are encircled by a connected pedestrian plaza and active air cooling for external spaces. A centrepiece of the development, the Luxury Courtyard, takes inspiration from traditional Italian courtyard design. 


    City Walk comes alive at night, where it’s a safe and controlled environment for visitors to enjoy the shopping, dining and entertainment on offer.

    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell

    The Beach JBR

    This bustling cosmopolitan strip establishes a contemporary design language with a focus on accessibility.


    Millions of bespoke paving tiles are individually laid to create pixelated waves leading people from the city to the sea. Olive trees rise from reflective pools in a grand, programmable events plaza while an energetic buzzing promenade of pop-up kiosks & street performers winds past restaurants and sea-view cafes.

    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell

    La Mer

    A whimsical, windswept beachside development with the feel of a coastal village.

    La Mer, Dubai’s world-class beachfront development, offers an entertainment and dining experience in a charming seaside town setting. Three distinct areas offer recreational beach activities, entertainment, and urban dining, highlighted by a water feature and sculpture that mimics the motion of waves crashing onto the shore.

    Oversized chains and oak barrels line timber boardwalk pathways, and a treasure trove of shipwreck-themed accessories presents an unfolding number of things for kids to discover.


    Cracknell’s design draws inspiration from rustic seaside villages. Rugged, recycled elements evoke another time, and finishes are achieved through acid-damaged, salt-damaged and bleached techniques. Bespoke materials and furniture were manufactured and developed to assure just the right timeworn look.

    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell

    Al Seef Dubai Creek

    Al Seef terraced steps and waterfront landscape design

    Al Seef recreates the architectural heritage of Dubai’s local vernacular creating a public realm that that tells the story of decades of change and growth, and creating landscapes that evoke the past allied with contemporary styles of the present day.

    Routes link the heritage districts lying either side of the Creek, expanding on the character & experiences of the bustling and colourful souks of Old Dubai.

    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell