La Mer




    Dubai, UAE

    Cracknell | Scroll Down

    A whimsical, windswept beachside development with the feel of a coastal village.

    La Mer, Dubai’s world-class beachfront development, offers an entertainment and dining experience in a charming seaside town setting. Three distinct areas offer recreational beach activities, entertainment, and urban dining, highlighted by a water feature and sculpture that mimics the motion of waves crashing onto the shore.

    Oversized chains and oak barrels line timber boardwalk pathways, and a treasure trove of shipwreck-themed accessories presents an unfolding number of things for kids to discover.


    Cracknell’s design draws inspiration from rustic seaside villages. Rugged, recycled elements evoke another time, and finishes are achieved through acid-damaged, salt-damaged and bleached techniques. Bespoke materials and furniture were manufactured and developed to assure just the right timeworn look.

    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell