Dexter Nuval

    Dexter is a versatile Senior Landscape Architect with over 17 years’ experience in Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Design. He has worked on numerous landscape projects throughout Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and China. He is deeply committed to designing spaces that embody the principles of inclusivity, diversity, creativity, and sustainability whilst maintaining efficient functionality. Seeking out new environmentally-harmonious solutions, he looks to design landscapes that make a long-term positive impact on both people and the natural world.

    Matthew Lucio

    Matthew is a Senior Landscape Architect with 18 years’ experience in Asia and internationally. His background in architecture and construction spurred his passion for design and planning which opened opportunities to work in the field of landscape architecture. Revelling in the opportunity to reshape communities and catalyse positive lifestyle impact through well designed spaces, he continues to hone his creativity as he contributes to the design of diverse and sustainable liveable cities.

    Arnel Lemsic

    Arnel is an Architect with over 27 years’ experience on large scale and complex projects, mostly in China. He has a great passion for the fields of Architecture, Landscape and Urban Planning, believing in life-long learning in an environment that is constantly changing. A reliable team leader, Arnel is open-minded and respects the voices of others which contributes greatly to his ability to overcome design challenges with creativity and confidence

    Matthew Gimena

    Matthew Gimena is a Senior Landscape Architect with over 19 years’ experience in design, construction and project management; 17 years have been spent in the field of landscape architecture in the Asia-Pacific region while he also has experience in interior design and is a registered Architect. From small landscape schemes to more complex spaces and larger developments, Matthew is responsible for balancing client needs with his design role by defining the creative, inspirational, and functional parameters by which a landscape design will be successful.

    Yijia Fan

    Yijia has 7 years’ experience as a landscape professional in the United States, Middle East, and China. As a Senior Designer, she works together with Cracknell’s global teams to provide creative inspiration for design presentations. With excellent client liaison and project coordination skills she supports internal training needs, QAQC document control, and project management from inception to completion. Yijia has been involved in projects ranging from urban parks to large post-industrial schemes, which has influenced her to explore diverse and innovative solutions to complex problems in the urban realm.

    Qianhai Urban Public Realm, Shenzhen, China

    landscape design Qianhai Urban Public Realm, Shenzhen, China

    Winning competition design for 8Ha of urban linear parks and public realm spaces that draw on the site’s railway heritage and visually and physically connect the Qianhai Bay to Dananshan Mountain.

    Establishing a new benchmark for urban lifestyle for the city, a series of truly global destination spaces, with a bold contemporary style, resonate with echoes of the historic trading routes.

    Florante Casal

    Florante ‘Jay’ Casal, Jr. is an accomplished registered Architect with over 17 years’ experience in landscape design and project management in Asia, Australia, and Papua New Guinea.

    He is a member of the United Architects of the Philippines and is committed to building professional and high-quality design solutions that satisfy the needs of the clients. His passion is for creating well-planned spaces that inspire, uplift and connect people with nature.

    Shenzhen Greenway

    The Shenzhen Reservoir, built in the 1960s in an effort to overcome the harsh drought, has since become a serene spot for locals and tourists to immerse themselves in nature, whilst exploring the country’s history.


    New greenway trails have been designed with lush planting, gathering spots and viewing decks, connecting the existing trails around the Shenzhen Reservoir areas. North and South trails encourage walking, cycling, and relaxing in a densely populated modern city, improving well-being and quality of life for Shenzhen residents.

    Marivic Gallardo

    Marivic is a registered Landscape Architect in the Philippines and a LEED AP with more than 25 years’ experience in a diverse scale of landscape developments. Her professional project experience encompasses hotel and resort planning, mixed-use, residential estates, public realm and waterfront design in the Philippines, India, China, and the Middle East.

    Marivic’s approach to landscape design focuses on site-specific processes and key project drivers, integrating culture, history, ecological processes, and economics within a project context to create bespoke landscape design that respects sense of place.

    Rollo Bagarino

    With over 22 years’ experience in the architectural and landscape design industry both in the Philippines and China, Rollo has had the good fortune to experience the varied roles of Client/Developer, Landscape Contractor, Project Manager and Design Consultant. This has allowed him to approach each project from multiple points of view and appreciate the different facets of the industry.

    Trained in Architecture, he has applied this background in a career focusing on Landscape Design, Planning and related aspects. A well-rounded knowledge of different design styles enables Rollo to adapt to the various needs of a Project. Design quality, work efficiency and a multi-disciplinary approach, along with recognition of modern design and technological trends are his core principles as a landscape professional.