Hafez Orabie

    Hafez is a Senior Landscape Architect with over five years’ diverse experience across various projects spanning the MENA region, particularly KSA. Known for his creativity, ambition, and dynamic approach, Hafez’s journey as a Senior Landscape Architect is enriched by his foundation as an architect, bringing a unique blend of creativity, precision, and holistic understanding to his work. His experience in landscape architecture has been marked by collaboration on prestigious mega projects throughout the MENA region, where he’s contributed to shaping iconic spaces that resonate with cultural significance and architectural excellence.  Hafez continuously looks to incorporate the latest sustainability practices within his projects and to help drive sustainability initiatives within the Cracknell team. 

    Draginja Nikolic

    Draginja is a Senior Landscape Architect with 13 years’ experience across the MENA region, Asia and Europe. A key design team member, she has wide-ranging experience covering many sectors and scales. With a passion for sites with heritage significance, she is an advocate for minimal design intervention to allow users to take centre-stage and tell the story. Taking cues from how people organically use an exterior space, she looks to embody culture and local vernacular in all her projects.

    Leynard Vista

    Leynard is a Senior Landscape Architect with 18 years’ experience in the landscape industry across the Middle East, the United States and Asia. He plays an important role in the design and construction phases and is deeply committed to prioritising human experience and sustainability within his landscape design work. His knowledge of building processes and attention to detail are key to delivering project excellence while maintaining the integrity of the concept design.

    Swati Vacchani

    Swati has 10 years’ experience in landscape architecture in the Middle East and India. She is passionate about creating functional, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. Her architectural background helps her to seamlessly integrate landscape design with existing structures/architecture, ensuring a holistic and cohesive design approach.
    Managing complex projects from concept to completion, she understands the importance of balancing design principles, environmental considerations, and client requirements to deliver outstanding results. As part of the design team, she manages day to day co-ordination between multidisciplinary internal and external teams and stakeholders to deliver each project successfully.

    Garry Vic Samiley

    Garry is a Senior Landscape Architect with 18 years’ experience, marked by a rich tapestry of residential, commercial, and institutional landscape projects. With a deep-rooted passion for crafting harmonious outdoor environments, he has contributed to shaping the landscapes of South East Asia and the Middle East. He has a nuanced understanding of the cultural and environmental contexts that shape these regions, and this global perspective has enabled him to infuse a rich and innovative blend of local traditions and contemporary design trends, resulting in landscapes that resonate deeply with the people who inhabit them.

    Neil Munsornplang

    Neil is a Senior Landscape Architect with 20 years’ experience in delivering outstanding design solutions across a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from public parks and residential spaces to high-end hospitality environments. He is recognised for an exceptional ability to seamlessly integrate natural beauty, sustainability, and functionality into every project. Adept at collaborating with various stakeholders, particularly within the hospitality sector, he creates captivating outdoor spaces that enhance guest experiences and elevate the overall ambiance of hotels, resorts, and mixed-use developments.

    Alessandro Merati

    Alessandro has 10 years’ experience as a design professional in the Middle East and Europe. As a Senior Landscape Architect at Cracknell, he plays a pivotal role in design for shaping the outdoor environment, enhancing communities, and contributing to sustainable and visually appealing landscapes. He is an experienced leader of design projects across many sectors and has a particular skill in encouraging the team to develop innovative landscape solutions. Alessandro approaches each project with a blend of creativity and practicality. His designs reflect a deep appreciation for the unique characteristics of each site, incorporating indigenous plants, sustainable materials, and innovative design concepts.
    In addition, he is a highly skilled landscape photographer and uses his talents to record engaging imagery of many of Cracknell’s projects.

    Eleanor Johnson

    Ellie has 12 years’ experience as a design professional in Europe and the Middle East. As a Senior Landscape Architect, she is involved in all stages of design from Concept to Issue for Construction, developing design proposals and coordinating between disciplines to achieve timely project submissions.
    Ellie is passionate about the finer details and strives to achieve well thought out construction detailing with consideration to choices of materials that work with both the landscape context and built architecture. This applies particularly to projects in the cultural heritage sector.
    Working within World Heritage Sites and other sensitive zones, particularly in Saudi Arabia, has allowed her to develop engaging interpretation, restoring and expressing local vernacular to elevate the sense of place. Looking to tell the landscape story through place-making, Ellie helps to protect culturally important sites for the future.

    Bojan Ilijin

    Bojan has over 7 years’ experience in landscape & urban design in the MENA region. A Senior Landscape Architect at Cracknell, he has been involved in some iconic projects. These include the Cultural District in Abu Dhabi to the new leisure & entertainment hub, Aljada in Sharjah, as well as a stunning desert resort in Liwa. Bojan believes that creative landscapes, incorporating architectural shapes & programmatic functions, must stimulate users by inviting them to interact directly with the space. He aims to design cities that make people feel alive & connected to the world & people around them.

    Adrian Guzman

    Adrian is a multi-skilled Senior Landscape Architect with a background in architecture, landscape, and urban design. With 16 years’ experience, he has undertaken numerous innovative, sustainable, and people-centric projects across Africa, Asia, MENA and North America. His designs are characterised by a strong focus on nature and the integration of green spaces to promote harmony between urban developments and the environment. He believes in a holistic approach to design, blending creativity with practicality, and considers environmental sustainability a core principle in every project he undertakes. He firmly believes that a project should not only be visually striking but also centered around the well-being of the people who inhabit the spaces.