Sheikha Fatima Park

    With a focus on healthy living, sports and getting outdoors with the family, we worked with Benoy to give the local community an invigorating space to get together and have fun.

    A network of running trails lined with flowering shrubs and shady trees, mountain bike tracks, pump tracks, sports courts, a skate park, splash pads and industrial style cafés have quickly made this park the place to be.

    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell

    Dubai Creek Harbour Central Park

    park landscape design Dubai Creek Harbour Central Park, Dubai, UAE

    This significant green space at the heart of Dubai Harbour is well connected to the city and provides amenity, leisure and event space for occupants of the encircling residential towers and visitors alike.

    Surrounded by mixed use development including retail and restaurants, the park provides opportunities for play, sports, tree-lined walks as well as respite and privacy for relaxation amongst a back drop of verdant planting and views to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary across the Creek.

    Bainuna Park

    landscape design Bainuna Park, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Vast tree canopies shading the long vistas down the avenues of patterned brick pathways characterise this popular community park next to the landmark Adnoc HQ.


    With picnic areas, benches and gazebos there are myriad spots from which to watch the abundant bird population and be immersed in nature. A central water fountain, rest room and play areas add to the family-focused amenities.

    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell

    Zabeel Park

    A prestigious gardenesque city park where visitors can take in incredible views of the Dubai skyline.

    Interconnected by pedestrian suspension bridges over adjacent highways, the park has discrete areas elevating the space to public art venue, sports activity area and idyllic boating lake flanked by lakeside restaurants, all within a network of grand open spaces and shaded allées.


    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell
    © Ed Maglente
    © Ed Maglente

    Thessaloniki Confex Park

    A park for all seasons that celebrates the 1960s landmark OTE Tower and reunites the city across a rejuvenated mixed-use park and urban activity core that serves university campuses, event and exhibition centres and shopping districts.

    Meeting the challenges of the site, culture and sport are celebrated in a space that unites disparate land uses and zones within Thessaloniki.

    King Salman Park

    Competition winning design for a new heart of the city fostering Saudi productivity, creativity, and innovation for future generations – the park will be a destination that celebrates arts, culture, sports, entertainment, and innovation in a richly planted setting that will act as a green lung for the capital.

    The Park will integrate with and enhance the adjacent city fabric by extending landscape ‘tendrils’ linking it to surrounding neighbourhoods and, by the Metro system, to the wider city. The extensive open spaces will reflect and enhance local character, culture and planting, and provide inter-connected immersive experiences through visitor attractions such as museums and botanical gardens.

    Hotel Park

    Hotel Park, Doha, Qatar landscape design children around fountain

    An urban refuge of green planes and waterscapes in the heart of Doha, evokes Qatar’s natural environment of dunes and wadis.

    Covering four stories of underground parking in one of the Worlds’ biggest ‘green roofs’ are extensive gardens, play areas, shaded seating areas and cycle paths that promote outdoor living across 7 hectares.


    Green spaces increase thermal comfort in a harsh urban atmosphere. Hotel Park is up to 10° cooler than non-treed areas in Doha’s centre.


    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell

    EXPO Plaza Park

    This award-winning urban park sits at the gateway to the Dubai Expo2020 site, connecting residential, retail and train connections with the Expo site.

    Based on the narrative of erosion and kinetics, the design drew inspiration from the ephemeral nature of native landscapes and include native species and materiality to create an authentic Dubai experience.

    Photography by Ranjith Akkarathodi © Cracknell

    Eastern Mangroves

    Adhering to the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency’s values, our nature-immersive design for the Eastern Mangroves has a light touch approach, sensitively increasing ecotourism and allowing people to be immersed in but not damage the environment.

    Provision for kayaking and a boardwalk through the mangroves allows visitors to engage with this special habitat, and a visitor centre provides educational opportunities and information on why the mangroves are so unique and crucial to protect.

    © Salman Sidheek
    © Salman Sidheek
    © Ali A Suliman

    Al Ittihad Park

    Al Ittihad Park lies below the Monorail along the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah, nestled between residential communities.

    The park is a haven of tranquility and calm, connecting two previously separated halves of the trunk. Using mainly native plants, a natural xeriscape defines a regional sense of place and strong park identity.


    Actively encouraging exploration, children can engage in natural play whilst fitness trails support an active lifestyle. Cafe spill out takes advantage of the serene views, contributing to the social life of the neighbourhood.

    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell