Marsa Ajman

    Popular family-friendly marina with a 1.5km boulevard lined with cafe spill out, restaurants, shopping, a yacht club, offices, hospitality and residences.


    Over 300 berths cater to yachts and water-based leisure sports for an active lifestyle. Whether watching the sun set or promenading on the front there are plenty of inclusive opportunities to socialise and connect with the environment.


    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell

    Marassi Al Bahrain

    Located on the purpose built Marassi Island in the north of Bahrain, this highly ambitious mixed-use development offers significant ocean-side public realm.

    Festive urban spaces and streetscapes, public parks and a highly activated waterfront and beaches support a large residential community. Separating the Mall from the Sea is a dramatic Promenade. The VIDA and ADDRESS hotels provide elegant hospitality to the area with private beachfront gardens and pools.

    The Beach JBR

    This bustling cosmopolitan strip establishes a contemporary design language with a focus on accessibility.


    Millions of bespoke paving tiles are individually laid to create pixelated waves leading people from the city to the sea. Olive trees rise from reflective pools in a grand, programmable events plaza while an energetic buzzing promenade of pop-up kiosks & street performers winds past restaurants and sea-view cafes.

    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell

    La Mer

    A whimsical, windswept beachside development with the feel of a coastal village.

    La Mer, Dubai’s world-class beachfront development, offers an entertainment and dining experience in a charming seaside town setting. Three distinct areas offer recreational beach activities, entertainment, and urban dining, highlighted by a water feature and sculpture that mimics the motion of waves crashing onto the shore.

    Oversized chains and oak barrels line timber boardwalk pathways, and a treasure trove of shipwreck-themed accessories presents an unfolding number of things for kids to discover.


    Cracknell’s design draws inspiration from rustic seaside villages. Rugged, recycled elements evoke another time, and finishes are achieved through acid-damaged, salt-damaged and bleached techniques. Bespoke materials and furniture were manufactured and developed to assure just the right timeworn look.

    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell

    East India Dock

    Bringing a dockland to life with modern design and classic style


    In the heart of London, a stones throw from the prestigious Canary Wharf and surrounded by some of the most innovative quarters of London is East India Dock. Cracknell was appointed for all hard and soft landscape design and supervision services for this office development situated within the old East India Dock site.


    The design incorporates a canal-style water feature, which consists of one arm of an L-shaped canal, lined by trees, crossed by humped, metal footbridges, and containing fountains. Post and chain balustrading reflect the Docklands heritage. Framing the canal is an avenue of lime trees which provide shaded seating adjacent to the water’s edge. 


    Cracknell also worked closely with the sculptor, David Jacobsen, who was commissioned to create all the public art for the project.

    © Photography by Helen Jermyn

    Durrës Waterfront

    This linear promenade activates & and connects 2.8km of beach front on the Adriatic coast in a city best known for its vast Roman amphitheatre.


    Drawing influence from this, the masterplan brings a sense of theatre to the landscape with sports, cycling and running tracks, food stations, art, water sports as well as entertainment at regular intervals, with shaded gathering spaces & beach lounger terraces. 


    An entertainment pier & amphitheatre create focal points for a new activation programme. Mediterranean beachside planting creates a relaxed and rustic aesthetic reinforced by the use of raw and recycled materials in the hard landscape elements.

    Al Seef Dubai Creek, UAE

    Al Seef terraced steps and waterfront landscape design

    Al Seef recreates the architectural heritage of Dubai’s local vernacular creating a public realm that that tells the story of decades of change and growth, and creating landscapes that evoke the past allied with contemporary styles of the present day.

    Routes link the heritage districts lying either side of the Creek, expanding on the character & experiences of the bustling and colourful souks of Old Dubai.

    Photography by Alessandro Merati © Cracknell