We design collaboratively using the latest 3D technology & data exchange.

    At the forefront of BIM utilisation for landscape design, we see BIM as an inherent part of our design process.

    Utilising British Standards and UK best practice as a benchmark we use internal BIM protocols and training for accurate BIM planning at RFP response stage and prior to project kick off. Working within the specified Common Data Environment (CDE) BIM Software used includes Autodesk Revit, Sketchup, Rhino, Civil 3D, Navisworks, AutoCAD, BIM 360, Dynamo and Infraworks; BIM deliverables are aligned to the project’s information and file format requirements.


    Services include:

    • BIM Project Execution Plans
    • Working to LOD Definitions
    • LOD Schema/Model Element Tables
    • Spatial Coordination/Clash Detection
    • Attached Attribute Data Collaboration
    • Multi-Discipline Software Coordination

    Post Contract Management

    We oversee continuity of the design and sustainability vision.

    Our attention to detail doesn’t stop when we finish the drawings; our on-site teams assure quality of build, innovative problem-solving, adherence to budget, schedule, environmental best practice, safety standards and design intent, and commitment to performance and end user satisfaction.


    Managing landscape construction efficiently, our extensive experience with complex projects means we can navigate most challenges whilst maintaining sustainability goals, budget & schedule. Supported by Cracknell’s specialist teams, we ensure site modifications stay true to the design vision. Led by a project manager or resident engineer we oversee construction & contract management whilst closely maintaining stakeholder coordination.

    Services include:

    • Construction Management
    • On-Site Challenge Mitigation
    • QA/Continuity of Design Vision
    • Budget & Schedule Control
    • Stakeholder Coordination
    • Statutory Policy Adherence
    • Maintenance Plans/Advice


    We visualise in evocative detail.

    We bring our designs to life in vivid portrayals of their future real-world appearance. This allows us to check with Clients and stakeholders that every detail is ‘just so’ before the first ground is broken.

    From initial concept sketches by hand to fully rendered realistic 3D digital models of the final design, our specialist graphics team help to cost-effectively explore design options for Client review or bring the landscape mood and feel to life for effective marketing campaigns. Whether designing for day, night, seasonal fluctuations or in any corner of the globe the Cracknell team can produce accurate and powerful renditions of the built scheme.  Our teams use a range of software, including 3D Max, Lumion, SketchUp, Rhino, Photoshop, CAD, and Revit to create powerful and immersive visualisations.

    Services include:

    • Hand Drafting
    • CGI – Hero & Lifestyle
    • Option Visualisation
    • Walk/Fly-Throughs
    • Seasonal Visualisation
    • Marketing Imagery

    Lighting Design

    We paint with light.

    We enhance our designs after dusk; using vibrant illumination, subtle tones and play of brilliant patterns. Visual interest, atmosphere and drama are brought to human-centric night environments in the urban outdoors.


    We design lighting for parks & gardens, resorts & malls, and holistic strategies for town centres & streetscapes, and we write lighting design codes for City & Regional authorities. Our lighting simulation models are to international standards, minimising light pollution & protecting environmentally sensitive areas. Our realistic visuals show the intended aesthetics to Clients and stakeholders. Coordinating with industrial designers & manufacturers, we provide project-specific lighting solutions, and through Cracknell Post Contract Management, installation quality is closely monitored.

    Services include:

    • Landscape Lighting
    • Urban Lighting Masterplans
    • Night Visualisations
    • Post Contract Management
    • Authority Advice
    • Lighting Elements Custom Design


    We irrigate responsibly.

    We ensure that our water-wise planting is maintained in peak condition through the latest site and climate-responsive IOT technology.


    Sustainable and intelligent designs using the latest smart technology maintain the landscape in peak condition whilst keeping water use efficient and minimal. This is especially important in climates with high temperatures and limited water availability. Real time weather and soil monitoring data is used to optimise demand whilst site maintenance plans cater for regular equipment monitoring and repair. Close collaboration with the horticulture team ensures design for optimal water use.

    Services include:

    • Irrigation Design & Materials
    • Irrigation Control Strategies
    • Irrigation Maintenance Guidance
    • Hydraulic Calculations/Specifications
    • System Installation & Trouble-shooting
    • Post Contract Management


    We work in balance with the natural ecosystem.

    We use native and adaptive planting palettes to harmonise our landscapes with the regional ecology, weather and soil characteristics; each project begins with a careful analysis of the local climatic conditions, habitat requirements and technical challenges.


    Achieving beautiful planting in harsh environments including saline coastal conditions is a speciality. Designing the landscape around natural flowering cycles, a project’s character and appearance transform as the seasons change, even with durable & hardy plant varieties. Carefully selected species provide structural form & colour as well as the resilience to deal with wide-ranging climate conditions and, close collaboration with the irrigation team ensures design for the appropriate optimal water use.


    Services include:

    • Native/Adaptive Planting Expertise
    • Low Water Demand Strategies
    • Planting Design for Thermal Comfort
    • Native/Adaptive Planting Expertise
    • Low Water Demand Strategies
    • Planting Design for Thermal Comfort
    • Natural Habitat Creation/Extension
    • Palettes for Seasonal Variety
    • Soil Salinity Mitigation
    • Natural Habitat Creation/Extension
    • Palettes for Seasonal Variety
    • Soil Salinity Mitigation